2HD Lashes® glue 'LEVELI'

2HD Lashes® glue 'LEVELI'

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2HD-Lashes®  'LEVEL 1' - eyelash extension glue of 2HD-Lashes ® collection, designed for professional beauty experts who are looking for perfect bond and very low fume!

This highest quality odor-free adhesive has a waxy consistency, therefore it bonds in 1-2 seconds. Medium bonding time makes it a great choice for lashing beginners. In addition,  it is suitable for volume set application, which requires more time.

It is a universal top choice for experienced lash artists as well, because this glue is very easy to work with. It is suitable for any weather conditions. 

Forget about having many different open bottles, now you can find all in one - Level 1



HUMIDITY: 40-65%


 Bond  1-2 sec! Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelash Professional.
 Recommended  Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelash Professional.    
 Resistance  High resistance against heat and  water exposureperspiration.
 Allergy  Does not irritate.
User  Only for Professional use
Color  Black
The consistency  Liquid
 Capacity  5 ml.
 Procedures  Up to 175< procedures!
 Expiration  Up to 12 months.
 Expirationa after opening  Up to 3 months.
 Store  It is recommended to store in a dry, dark place. In an upright position.
 Use  Shake well before use.
 Bonding  Bonding Power: 2+ months!


Shake before use. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in refrigerator.
(!) To keep the glue fresh and longer , recommended keep it in cool place (2~10 C temperature), and close the cap right after using it.

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