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2HD-lashes® is an international beauty brand of new generation eyelash extension products, dedicated to professional eyelash technicians, looking for premium quality and long lasting effects.

Glamorous extremely black lashes for classical beauty look or vivid colored lashes for fancy fashionistas. Three different kinds of glue for various work conditions - take your pick. Endless choices of tweezers for every taste. 2HD-lashes® will always surprise with new innovative products, so you can always be up-to-date.

We believe that the best results are achieved, combining both, quality products and lashing know-how. This is why 2HD-lashes® offers certified training for beauty professionals from basic level, which gives you all the necessary knowledge to start practicing, to advanced level courses, where you can find out the latest beauty trends.

We have established a worldwide network of lashing professionals who are embassadors of our brand. We believe that constant learning, innovation and friendly approach is what makes us special. Join us!


2HD Lashes® will never disappoint your expectations!

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