2HD Lashes® says -  "24 HOURS BEAUTIFUL!"

2HD Lashes® says -  "24 HOURS BEAUTIFUL!"

2HD Lashes®'s mission is to ensure customers’ satisfaction at 100 per cent, to achieve maximum results without any doubt!

2HD Lashes® are products complying with the quality standards, made according to the technology patented in the United States of America.

Eyelashes are extremely black, therefore they provide a glamorous effect of density, are extremely soft and flexible, accordingly, their shape and curves remain unchanged under any conditions!

Special formula glue: Level I, Level II will meet the needs of any client. Glue is extremely durable, instantly drying, lasting up to 2 months! They do not cause allergic reactions, irritation. If necessary, artificial lashes can be removed very easily, without damaging natural eyelashes by using 2HD Lashes ® solvent.

During eyelash extension procedure, one of the artificial 2HD Lashes® lash is applied onto one natural lash until the desired result is obtained.

12 to 24 hours after lash application procedure you will be able to live normal life: take bath, exercise, go to sauna and solarium, without fearing that the mascara leaks!

3 to 5 weeks after the treatment, in order to continue enjoying the results of extended lashes, correction is needed. During the correction, grown out artificial eyelashes are removed with the help of special

2HD Lashes® solvent. In their place new artificial eyelashes are glued. Also, eyelashes are glued on the lashes left to grow after the previous extension or correction.

2HD Lashes® eyelash extension is carried out only by professional masters, having completed the 2HD Lashes® training courses and obtained the certificate. You may find them here.

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