2HD Lashes® -"Soft & light" type. 0.5 g

2HD Lashes® -"Soft & light" type. 0.5 g

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2HD Lashes® -"Soft & light" type. Individual separate lashes.
"Soft & light" lashes - identical to human hair.

A very unique effect is achieved thanks to the 2HD Lashes® lashes being made using 2HD Lashes® company's patented technology. The lashes are extremely stable, elastic, never lose curve even at high temperature conditions, lashes endings do not split.
"Soft & light" lashes are extremely light and do not aggravate the eyes.
Lashes are made of polyester fiber, a very new microfibers technology which does not cause any allergic reactions (especially important for the sensitive eyes owners) and the effect of extended eyelashes is unique.
Characterized by exceptionally intensive color, that creates density effect.

LENGHT - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
CURVE -  J; B; C; D.
THICKNESS - 0,10;  0,15;  0.20;  0,25


2HD Lashes® is the new generation of eyelash extension line for exclusively professional user who wants only the best quality, seeking maximum and lasting results.


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