Terms & Conditions

Common terms

2HD-LASHES® online store (hereinafter “Seller”) Buy – Sell Contract (hereinafter– “Contact”) is a legally required document, which establishes Buyer and Seller mutual rights, obligations and responsibility when You purchase goods.

The moment buyer enters into a Contract

A Contract is considered to be concluded since the moment buyer finalizes an order in the shopping cart, agrees to the terms and conditions and makes a full payment.
Each Contract is stored by the Seller.

Buyer's rights

You have the right to buy products and services from 2HD-LASHES® online store according to the following rules and procedures established by the Seller. Buyer has the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund if order is canceled no later than 24 hours since the order was placed in 2HD-LASHES® online store and Seller receives a written notification. In such case Buyer receives a full refund.
If Buyer wants to cancel the order later than 24 hours since the order was placed Buyer has the right to cancel the order by sending a written notification to the Seller. In such case Buyer receives a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Buyer's commitments

Buyer must pay in full for all purchases and receive the order according to the commonly agreed procedure. Buyer is responsible for not disclosing his or her registration number to any third party. If Buyer looses connection information Buyer must immediately inform Seller about it by using 2HD-LASHES® online store form for connections with service center.
In case of any changes Buyer must update information in the registration form as soon as possible.

If Buyer refuses to accept timely delivered goods without a serious reason, Buyer must pay in full an additional costs of shipping goods back to the Seller before another delivery.
Buyer agrees to all 2HD-LASHES® online store Rules while using the store and must follow them.

Seller's rights

If Buyer tries to harm 2HD-LASHES® operation or stability, Seller can limit or restrict Buyer's access to 2HD-LASHES® online store without advance warning or in exceptional cases revoke Buyer's registration.
In the event of special circumstances Seller can temporarily or altogether discontinue 2HD-LASHES® online store operation without advance warning to Buyer.
Seller can unilaterally change the conditions of these rules.

Seller's commitments

To create all the conditions for the Buyer to properly use 2HD-LASHES® online store provided services. To deliver the entire Buyer’s order to the Buyer’s specified address and within the agreed delivery period. In case of serious circumstances preventing delivery of Buyer’s ordered goods, Seller commits to offer to the Buyer an equivalent product.

Delivery of goods

Goods are delivered by the Seller or Seller’s authorized representative.
Upon delivery of the goods Buyer together with the Seller or Seller’s authorized representative must check the shipment status. Delivery is considered as complete after Buyer signs Invoice or transport document. Upon noticing a delivery violation Buyer must note it in the Invoice and write a free form Delivery Violation Act. If You sign an Invoice without any comments it is considered the Shipment was delivered accurately and in immaculate condition.


Warranty period is determined only for a certain part of the goods. After-sales service document is a warranty card included into a product package. Product manufacturer sets an official product expiration date if all the recommended exploitation conditions are met. If Buyer finds any problem it is recommended to contact 2HD-LASHES® online store service center. In the warranty card it is confirmed that in case product defect is found manufacturer assumes the obligations to satisfy Buyer’s demands. These demands are established and regulated by the applicable consumer protection laws. Seller does not engage in the product warranty support and can provide only the recommendations about warranty related questions.

Order cancelation – Return of the goods

Return of the goods takes place in accordance with the Order Number 217 of Minister of Economy of Republic of Lithuania on 2001 June 29th “For the purposes of the approval of the rules of the good’s return and exchange”.
Before physical goods return Buyer must initiate return procedure by submitting a reason for the return and order details by using 2HD-LASHES® online store form for connections with service center.
Returned product must be complete, unmarked and undamaged. Buyer is responsible to make sure the product is complete and properly packaged. Seller can refuse to take the product back if it is not fully complete or properly packaged.
Product must be returned in the same original package as it was delivered. Package must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packed. Product is returned using Buyer’s own transportation and costs except in cases when product is returned because of the product quality issues or online store mistake.
When defective product is returned Seller commits to take back defective item and to replace it with the similar product. In case Seller does not have the same exact product Seller can return Buyer’s money or offer to replace a defective product with another item - similar to the defective one by mutual agreement.


Buyer is fully responsible for the data correctness provided in the registration form. Seller is not responsible for the ensuing consequences if Buyer does not provide accurate data in the registration form.
Buyer is responsible for all actions performed while using 2HD-LASHES® online store.
Buyer is responsible for providing connection details to the third parties. If third parties use Buyer’s connection details, Buyer is responsible for the actions performed by the third party.
Seller is not responsible for information provided in websites of other companies even if the Buyer navigates to those websites through links found in 2HD-LASHES® online store.
In case of damage, the guilty party compensates the losses caused to the other party.

Sending of information

Seller sends all correspondence by using email from Buyer's registration form.
Buyer sends all correspondence and questions by using 2HD-LASHES® online store form for connections with service center.

Final provisions

These rules are regulated by LR laws. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present Contract or other related legal relations or because of them shall be settled by negotiations or according to the Republic of Lithuania law if negotiations fail. In case disputes cannot be settled by negotiations and consultations all sides agree to settle disputes in court which is closest to the Seller's headquarters and is authorized to deal with such disputes.

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