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2HD Lashes® is a registered name, protected by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislations. This web page abbreviation and logotype are registered trademarks and their owner’s exclusive rights are protected by laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislations.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all copyright and intellectual property rights to this web page as a whole and all its parts are owned by and controlled for these purposes by 2HD Lashes®, so nothing contained herein may be reproduced, copied, translated into other languages, modified or adapted, in any form or way, without the prior written permission of 2HD Lashes®.

It is strictly forbidden to perform any actions which could lead to violation of exclusive owner’s rights to this web page or be a contradiction to the principals of fair competition, copyright protection or advertising. web page visitors could be asked to provide private information (including first and last name, address, phone number and email). We reserve the right to provide your personal information to third parties only for the sole purpose of providing a specific product or service and only to the extent needed to achieve these goals. We do not disclose your private information to third parties unless we get your prior written permission, except in cases when we are required to do so by laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


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