Preparation & Priming

Lash peparation and priming products from 2HD-Lashes collection for better glue bonding and longer lashes lifetime.

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  • Lash Shampoo
    Use rich & pure foaming LASH SHAMPOO to CLEANSE, NOURISH and MOISTURIZE lashes. ENHANCE BEAUTY, HEALTH and LONGEVITY OF EYELASH EXTENSIONS Extend the lifetime of eyelash extensions and ensure impeccable image with LASH SHAMPOO from 2HD-Lashes - new generation lash care product that is a m..
  • Primer
    2HD Lashes ® Lash Primer for Eyelash Extensions. For longer lasting lashes. This primer removes oils, dust and sterilizes lashes prior to eyelash extensions application, facilitating application of eyelashes and enhancing adhesive bonding. Primer also helps to prolong&nbs..
  • Eye Make up Cleasing & Protein Removing Pads (ready to use)
    Eye Make up Cleansing & Protein Removing Pads easily and gently clean all kinds of eye make. Unique formulated solution effective removes oily dirties and protein on eyelashes so that eyelashes that eyelash extension lasts longer. Contains Amino Acid complex,Vitamin E, and Aloe extract to prot..
  • 2HD Lashes® Pre-Treatment
    2HD Lashes®  Pre-Treatment product is created to prepare the lashes for the eyelash extension procedure. Pre-Treatment is extremely easy to use before eyelash extension/correction procedure. By gently brushing with a preparatory measure mascara brush, accumulated dirt, dust par..
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