Our best-seller special formula odour-free adhesives are created to ensure long lasting effect that will satisfy even the most professional technicians. It will keep lashes in their place - under any conditions. Choose your 2HD-Lashes Adhesive for the highest quality results.

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  • 2HD Lashes® glue "LEVEL I" TOP product!
    2HD Lashes® glue 'LEVEL' - it 2HD Lashes® company pride and best sale product!  Bond  1-2 sec! Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelash Professional.  Recommended  Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelas..
  • 2HD Lashes® glue "LEVEL II"
    2HD Lashes® glue "LEVEL II"  Bond  Drying Time: 2-3 sec!  Recommended  Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelash Professional.      Resistance  High resistance against heat and&nb..
  • 2HD Lashes® glue 'MEGA VOLUME'
    2HD Lashes® glue 'Mega Volume' - it 2HD Lashes® company pride and one of the best sale product!  Bond  0.5-1 sec!   Recommended  Due to the fast bonding - recommended for experienced Eyelash Professio..
  • 2hd-lashes extreme glue
    2HD Lashes® Extreme Glue is designed for professional beauty experts. This long lasting and ultra strong eyelashes adhesive is recommended for warm and humid weather, which enables this glue to bond perfectly and last longer. It is the most liquid choice from all 2HD Lashes® glue collection. This a..
  • Primer
    2HD Lashes ® Lash Primer for Eyelash Extensions. For longer lasting lashes. This primer removes oils, dust and sterilizes lashes prior to eyelash extensions application, facilitating application of eyelashes and enhancing adhesive bonding. Primer also helps to prolong&nbs..
  • Remover  15ml
    Pleasant odor Gel remover - is made for Extended Lashes removal. Eyelash Extension Remover. Used to remove eyelash extensions from the natural lashes. Usage: Dab the gel onto the granite stone / glass. Moisten hygienic "2HD Lashes ® Mircobrush" small brush. Gently slide your lashes from the b..
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